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Hunter Lee Brown

iOS (iPhone/iPad) and web software engineer
Front-end, interactive software engineer with 18 years of experience.

Current Skills

  • iOS Development in Objective-C and Swift (iOS for 5 years)
  • Advanced JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • having previously worked with: Java, XML/XSLT, perl


  • iOS app development for large audience, high traffic consumer tech news
  • iOS app development with the Internet Archive's content: videos, audio, images, and books -- book/text readers, media player, content discovery
  • watchOS development
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • high traffic news web site
  • command line tool development, bash scripting

Published Apps

There are currently three apps out in the Apple App Store that I have written or contributed to.

  • Tech Today - CNET's Daily News -store link - iPhone - I am one of three iOS engineers on the CNET iOS engineering team. First all Swift published project. First Available: March 2016
  • The Internet Archive Companion - store link - universal for iPhone and iPad - I am the sole author. More information here:
  • CNET - store link - universal for iPhone and iPad - I am one of three iOS engineers on the CNET iOS engineering team.


Lead Software Engineer

CBS Interactive San Francisco, CA
April 2015 - Present.
  • Promotion, similar duties from previous position

Senior Software Engineer

CBS Interactive San Francisco, CA
June 2009 - April 2015.
  • iOS development, Objective-C native iPad and iPhone. The "CNET" app is in the Apple App Store. I am one of three engineers on the iOS engineering team.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) "Spinner". Web App/Tool high level JavaScript object oriented design as well as UI/Graphical layout and design.

From 2011 to now: Currently part of the CNET iOS Development team creating apps for iPhone and iPad in Objective-C.

- Handled a large part of the application that uses WebViews to display data that comes to the app in HTML.
- Intercept hyperlinks in WebViews (JavaScript to Objective-C) to pop up other native functions and features.
- have a handle on both iPhone and iPad landscape/portrait orientation layout challenges
- experience with both TableViews and Collection Views.

View my Internet Archive Companion app github, for my Objective-C code samples (including asynchronous data layers, continuous list loading, network communication handling and user alerts, as well as general layout techniques, including Storyboards, and iOS 7 readiness.)

From 2007 - 2011:
Part of a small team who developed the home built CMS (Content Management System) at CNET. This CMS system has powered CNET and CBS News for more than 6 years, with most of the original UI engineering still in tact.

I was the only font-end, JavaScript developer on the tool, who created from scratch and implemented the User Interface Design. The system, still in use, from 2007 - 2013 (and beyond), known as Spinner, used quite a bit of object oriented JavaScript classes with MooTools, back in the pre HTML5 days.

Some of the features of the CMS I developed:
- a form submission and data acquisition (without browser refresh) ajax methodology, with UI form data submission working by building JSON objects and sending them to the server, which was built to parse the objects and return JSON responses.
- an entirely home built WYSIWYG rich text editor, that also had a "source" mode for viewing HTML.
- ability to build and expand user entry forms and fields via JavaScript from easily deployed configuration files.
- UI design and implementation for: doors (scheduled, versioned font pages), blog posts, slideshows, product reviews, media posts, CMS user account and author profile management

Software Engineer

CBS Interactive San Francisco, CA (formerly CNET Networks, Inc)
March 2007 - June 2009.
  • Promotion, similar duties from previous position

Associate Software Engineer

CNET Networks, Inc. San Francisco, CA
May 2006 - March 2007.
  • Java, .jsp programming and development
  • - creating or editing .jsp modules for "resin" based Java web application
  • Java Bean development
  • - with resin, and Spring framework, developed beans for use in .jsp presentation layer
  • AJAX development
  • - cross browser AJAX requests and xml dom parsing in JavaScript

Senior Technical Producer

CNET Networks, Inc. San Francisco, CA
September 2004 - May 2006.
  • .jsp programming and development
  • - creating or editing .jsp modules for "resin" based Java web application
  • Java Bean development
  • - with resin, and Spring framework, developed beans for use in .jsp presentation layer
  • General production bug based fixing
  • - identifying front-end or back-end display/data issues and problems and solving them on tight schedules
  • AJAX development
  • - cross browser AJAX requests and xml dom parsing in JavaScript
  • Projects of which I had a part in:
  • - created tile/wireframe presentation/front-end infrastructure for new blog web application.
  • - created web form interface, with javascript verification and dynamic form element interaction
  • - total ground up redesign of consumer product review pages and back-end delivery
  • - designed .jsp modules for mobile device web xhtml delivery
  • Professional Development Training
  • mySQL week long training
  • Spring framework week long training

Software Developer

Intelligent Markets, Inc. San Francisco, CA
April 2000 - July 2004.
  • Intermediate level Java development
    - JDBC database interfaces, external API classes, servlets, command line tools.
  • Advanced Javascript development
    - DHTML data, form validation, layout
  • Perl parsing, and web CGI scripting
    - HTML file streamlining, intranet web forms
  • SQL queries and prepared statements with PL/SQL
    - Data migration from one schema to another
  • Web design for the company's first dynamic, online product
    - graphics interfaces (titles, buttons), HTML layout

Intelligent Markets is a financial enterprise software application company which specializes in security trading and order tracking management solutions. Customers include Merril Lynch, Bear Sterns, and CRT.

Expanded skill set from original web development position and learned Java while working in very senior development team.

Developed Javascript/HTML user interfaces which worked with installed C++ client application. Application fetched sever delivered HTML and Javascript modules for forms and for dynamically updated market information.

Developed database migration project which took existing production database and transferred it to new table schema set using shell scripts and PL/SQL procedures.

Packaged and version controlled the software for the team with CVS.

Created website using CGI to deploy the correct software for the right customer, for internal use with our Product Services Organization team in New York. Set up and customized our internal GNATS bug tracking and production in-field issue reporting systems.

Web Developer/Webmaster/Production Engineer

Alexa Internet San Francisco, CA
October 1998 - March 2000.
  • HTML page and perl CGI script maintenance and creation
    - user campaign forms and collection
    - automated FAQ system
  • Log parsing for download and usage statistics - download report emails and web pages
  • Production Javascript for online services
    - installation process
    - support for toolbar linked web pages
  • Webmastering
    - web server configuation (Apache, UNIX)

Developed and maintained corporate website.

Provided statistics for Alexa toolbar downloads either directly from the web site or from sponsored partners. Scripted iterations of automatic online download and installation experience of Alexa toolbar.

Created web form and automatically generated email reminders for thousands of webmasters to correct the records (contact info, location, address) that our crawlers had for their web sites. Collected, formatted, and provided this information for later integration into service using web/cgi forms.

Designed and scripted pages for various new projects involving and online shopping after move to the Production department.

Web Developer

7th Generation Internet. San Francisco, CA
August 1998 - October 1998
  • Web developer for a small, single owner web shop.
  • Learned the MS side of web development, including IIS, and MS Visual Studio, Interdev.
  • Worked on projects involving primary education web pages and financial services (including the now, defunct Stockpoint web site).

Web and Database Applications Developer / Web Information Developer

Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Santa Clara, CA (WorldsAway Project)
February 1997 - July 1998
WorldsAway has been spun off and the current technology is now with
  • Developed web delivered reporting applications (via server side JavaScript or Perl) for data on customer billing. This involved using Perl/CGI scripts to make queries of daily large flat files from the proprietary server logs that showed individual customer log-in durations.

Associate Producer, WorldsAway Member Services

Fujitsu Software Corporation, San Jose, CA
June 1996 - February 1997
  • Assisted and coordinated customer support and content production issues for WorldsAway. I did HTML coding, web CGI Programming and online customer support and community development with a little show business for our growing cyber communities.

Member Support Representative for WorldsAway

Fujitsu Cultural Technologies, Fujitsu Open Systems Solutions Inc. San Jose, CA
January 1995 - June 1996
  • Online support for WorldsAway, virtual electronic community. CompuServe Sysop and early web page maintenance and creation. (NO telephones.) Made the first WorldsAway web site and spent way too much time on the CompuServe system back before the net really took off.

Random applied projects I did while with Fujitsu:

  • Billing and usage statistics: parsing WorldsAway user logs into COBOL for CompuServe
  • Web emailer CGI tools for the marketing department.
  • Marketing user survey forms and reporting.
  • Beta report form mechanisms and interfaces for reading them
  • Online forum messaging support and administration
  • Managing volunteer staff and intranet areas with CGI forms in which staff could control the content of main web site directly
  • Monitoring scripts (pings and processes or disk full messages)
  • Crontabs
  • Server side JavaScript
  • Web form applications that sent out messages to our on-call team's pagers
  • System console operator for the main server (on call)


Bachelor of Arts, Music

University of California, Davis June 1994
Extra- curricular: Dramatic Arts (acting, improv, musical theater), conducting choirs, campus political organizations.

Although I do not have a degree in engineering or computer science, I gained experience with computers by working as a student computer lab attendant. I held this job for nearly four years and became a student manager in charge of staff scheduling. This job provided many hours of becoming familiar with Unix and the early internet in general. In many ways, the campus job was a second, but less formal education.

As a Bachelor of Arts in Music, however, I've remained passionate about music composition which in many ways is like computer programming. The love of syntax and language is similar between programming software and notating music. The visual stimulation of web development, I feel, also tickles artistic, creative passions within myself.

Professional Continuing Education:

  • UniForm Association Accelerated Hands on Perl Programming May 1996
  • UniForm Association Java Programming May 1996
  • Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL (Oracle Education Nov 1997)
  • MySQL training
  • iOS Bootcamp


  • Attendee: Apple WWDC 2012
  • Attendee: Apple WWDC 2013
  • Attendee: Apple WWDC 2014
  • Registered Attendee: Apple WWDC 2015

Non Work Related Pursuits

  • Top three finisher of a couple, informal community music composition contests sponsored by the members of See my Original Music for details and mp3 recordings.
  • Member, Oakland Symphony Chorus 1998
  • some classical guitar, not terrible with keyboards, tuba and low brass.
  • Language: Six years of German classes
  • Sports: active and avid Road Bicyclist, averaging above 50 miles a week, snowboarding in the winter, tennis
  • Motorcycle enthusiast. I own and regularly ride two.
  • Father of a loving, and well fed cat.
  • Myers-Briggs: INFJ (sometimes ENFJ)
References are available upon request.